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September 25, 2016

Present: Joshua, Paul, Ashli, Corey, Rachel (ICAST), Donny, Russ, Richard

Meet and Greet

Review of Minutes

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Agenda Item 1

(Paul) Lower the member-in-bad-standing threshold for associates to owed. If an associate has done no labor in a monthly report, they will be dropped as an associate when no-shows go out.

Paul: I meant “for associates to $20 owed.” We've had a problem of people being associates for months, not doing labor, and not being dropped off the associate list.

Russ: In terms of dollars, are you lowering it?

Paul: Yes, from $100 to $20

Richard: Do you have any data showing there's a problem?

Paul: Right now I think there's a fuzzy problem showing who is and who isn't an associate, I want to solve a problem before it comes up. There is a rule that prevents associates from moving in if they owe hours, but that's all.

Richard: This seems like a solution in search of a problem.

Paul: I don't mind tabling this for now.

Corey: From a bookkeeping perspective, it doesn't make sense.

Item tabled

Agenda Item 2

(Paul) Approve the co-op paying for any notary public affidavits or other payments that are necessary for proof-of-income forms.

Paul: This is required for people who don't have income to fill out and turn in the forms. I don't want people with zero income to have to pay a notary.

Rachel: ICAST can help with faxing.

Russ: Most banks have a notary on staff for free, residents of the co-op could use our bank.

Joshua: The signatory on the account would have to be present for that to work, and I'm not sure if Velocity has free notary services.]

Rachel: If the social worker isn't a notary, I can try to find someone who is to come to the Wednesday meeting. I'd want some assurance that the people who need a notary will be there.

Item passes

Agenda Item 3

(Paul) If a resident's Austin Energy release and income-verification forms are not completed by Friday, September 30th, that resident will owe an hour of make-up labor. If they complete the forms and prove their income by then they will receive an hour of labor credit. A resident will not owe labor if they have turned in their forms but we're just waiting on third-party information to be supplied.

Paul: I think I'm going to amend this, taking off the penalty and just adding another hour of labor credit for completing the form, 2 total hours.

Donny: How many of the completed forms do we have turned in?

Paul: About 16.

Concerns & Friendly Amendments

Paul: Instead of penalizing people for not completing it, just give people 2 labor hours for completing it.

Richard: I think that's less motivating.

Corey: I don't know if house labor can compel people to sign legal documents.

Donny: What may be needed more than a blanket policy is more volunteers going to help residents fill out the forms.

Rachel: Do people understand what the forms are for?

Paul: I think so, we've sent out emails but not everyone is always part of the co-op conversation.

Corey: At this point, I think people who haven't turned them in are forgetful, aren't going to sign, or don't understand.

Paul: I think it's mostly forgetful or don't understand. Nobody's refused to sign.

Rachel: Maybe we could give people credit for coming to the Wednesday meeting, 6pm, when somebody from Travis County is coming.

Richard: I can just agree to give people credit for this.

Item tabled

New business

Ashli: Russ, last meeting's minutes said you were going to look into contractors for dander mitigation. Did you hear back?

Russ: I was told to hold off.

Donny: Ashli spoke to me, we want to go ahead.

Joshua: We should look into better air filters.

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